Student Printing on Campus

Printer Locations and Hours

All of our public computer labs have printers available to use with your print quota account.


Lab Name Location Lab Station
Web Print &
Miller 20 Miller Building, Room 20 Yes No
Blaney 4 Blaney Hall Basement, Room 4 Yes No
Blaney 8 Blaney Hall Basement, Room 8 Yes No
SSC Cressman Library, main floor Yes Yes
Curtis 104 Curtis Hall, room 104 Yes No
HBB 10 Hamilton Boulevard Building, South Wing, Room 10 Yes No
HBB Alcove Hamilton Boulevard Building, North Wing, near photocopier No Yes
OBK Lounge Oberkotter Building, main lounge area No Yes
TCC Activities Lounge Tompkins College Center, Basement Yes Yes
Residence Hall Labs Location varies per Hall, used for building residents only Yes Yes


  • The computer labs are available for the Cedar Crest Community Monday–Sunday 7AM-2AM. However, building doors are locked between 10:00pm and 11:00pm, so you need to be in the building before it closes. When Security is ready to close the lab, you must finish whatever you are doing within 5 minutes.
  • WebPrint Only printers are accessible during building hours.
  • Each Residence Hall has its own lab. These labs are open 24/7 during the Fall/Winter/Spring semesters.
  • In addition to the Res Hall Labs, the Cressman Library pods and the HBB Lab are the only labs on campus that is solely reserved for students. The other labs are used for classes, but are available to students when not in use. A schedule of classes are posted outside each lab.