What to Bring


Students are not required to bring a computer to campus. However, Cedar Crest strongly recommends that you bring a computer with you. More than 90% of incoming students arrive on Cedar Crest’s campus with a computer.

If you are not able to bring your own computer, or if you choose not to, there are 6 student-accessible computer labs across campus, as well as public-accessible computers in the Cressman Library. Additionally, each Residence Hall has its own computer lab.

If you are planning to purchase a computer, or are bringing an older computer with you on campus, please download our guide below of recommendations.

Recommended Computer Specifications

Software Requirements

Preferred Operating system

Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (Windows 8.0 and RT are not supported) or Mac OS 10.8 or newer. Be sure to install all patches and updates.

Office 365:

Students can download Office 365 for free. You will be able to sign up for this software as soon as you receive your College email address. Click on the Office 365 page in the left column for more information.

Antivirus/Antimalware Software

All computers connecting to the Cedar Crest College network is required to have malware protection software installed and up-to-date on their computer. Visit our AntiVirus Software page on the left column for our recommendations.

Printer (Optional)

Students can print from their personal computers to several lab printers across campus, so there is not a need for a printer. A printer is located in each residence hall lab, and in several commuter-friendly locations across campus.

If you choose to bring one, make sure that the printer can be connected directly to your computer via USB. Wireless printers are not permitted on the College’s wireless network.

Gaming Console (Optional)

If you are bringing a gaming console on campus, such as Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation, please make sure to bring an Ethernet cable. Gaming systems are not supported on the College's wireless network. Ethernet cables can be purchased at the College Bookstore.