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Ed. Tech. Services has started a DVD library of eLearning Online Seminars. Listed here are the current titles available. If you’re interested in any of these please email Matthew Kile with the title you would like and we will forward it through campus mail.

Five Steps to Improve your online courses

Five Steps to Improve your online courses is a webinar which focuses on continuously improving approaches for online courses and programs.

Managing Expectations and Handling Difficult Students Online

When you make the move to online teaching, you may discover that some of your old nemeses follow … difficult students, in all their manifestations. You can’t ignore them, any more than you can in a traditional classroom. But the online environment creates different opportunities and challenges for dealing with difficult students. What are those differences, and how do you adapt to them?

Learning Styles: Fact and Folklore for eLearning

Do learning styles really matter? After hearing this seminar, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of eLearning design by:

  • Recognizing at least three misconceptions or myths about learning styles, in general, and the implications for e-learning design.
  • Identifying several popular learning style models and determining their validity and potential application based on empirical research.
  • Identifying learner traits that have been shown to interact with instructional methods, and demonstrating how these traits can be addressed in the design of online courses.
  • Knowing how to increase the effectiveness of e-learning design.
  • Analyzing instruction examples of how different learner traits can be effectively addressed in the design of e-learning courses.
  • Participating in a “dialogic” process of examining assumptions and beliefs related to learning styles and adapting instruction to address the diverse learning needs of students and the principles derived from empirical research.

When Online Faculty Receive Low Evaluations: Guidelines & Advice

A respected and successful faculty member moves a course online–and suddenly feels as if he or she has forgotten how to teach. Student interest appears to be down. The instructor senses things aren‘t going well. And all of that is confirmed by the most dreaded of outcomes: a low evaluation.

Quality Matters: Does Your Online Course Meet the Standards?

If quality online course design is your goal, Quality Matters will help identify the strengths and areas for improvement in your online course. Quality Matters (QM), is a highly successful project that developed an inter-institutional process for recognizing quality online courses. Using your own online course (or one of a colleague’s), you will learn more about QM’s rubric and process, apply the standards to your own course, and have an opportunity to review issues around “quality” course design.